SO PLICATURE is an exclusive line of pleated silks.
PLIVOINE is a collection of items : scarves, blouses and dresses in sil crepe.

The designer invented the term PLICATURE, mixing the words LIGATURE and PLICATURA which means, in Latin, an action, a way of folding.

The fold is built with a needle and held by a thread. Each line of pleats constructed is tied with a yarn. In the bath, the yarn prevents colors to go through surfaces and maintains the silk pleated. After the bath, all the threads are removed. Silk retains its three-dimensional appearance and colorfulness. This technique is similar to a SHIBORI technique, Japanese term - or TIE & DYE, Anglo-Saxon term.

The transformation work is entirely carried out, in the workshop, in Lyon, from white or raw silk.
The pleating on silk is a very long and meticulous process. Items are delicate and fragile. They are not water-washable but can be dry clean. Do not iron pleats. All other surfaces can be ironed gently and without steam. Our workshop can re-pleat parts that have suffered accidental damage. Estimate on request after expertise!