Needle pleating - PLICATURE

The fold is constructed line by line with a needle. Each line of pleats constructed is tied with the yarn. In the bath, the yarn prevents colors to go through surfaces and maintains the silk pleated. After the bath, all the threads are removed. Silk retains its three-dimensional appearance and colorfulness. This technique is similar to a SHIBORI technique, Japanese term - or TIE & DYE, Anglo-Saxon term.

The transformation work is entirely carried out in the workshop, in Lyon, from white or raw silk.
The pleating on silk is a very long and meticulous process. Items are delicate and fragile. They are not water-washable but can be dry clean. Do not iron pleats. All other surfaces can be ironed gently and without steam. Our workshop can re-pleat parts that have suffered accidental damage. Estimate on request after expertise!

The designer invented the term PLICATURE, mixing the words LIGATURE and PLICATURA which means, in Latin, an action, a way of folding.

Needle pleating

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