PAPLILLON, bibi, pleated organza silk Maximize

PAPLILLON, bibi, pleated organza silk

Small beret made in silk organza, with a pleated frill and a non pleated frill, mounted on a metallic headband. Original and elegant, this bibi will replace the traditional wedding hat. It fits easily on the head without mess up your hair. For a very frenchie touch, put it on the front of the head and slightly offset from the bridge of the nose!

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Realization of colors on request. Possible fit from the original shape. Allow time for any custom realization. This accessory made ​​from a rectangle of white silk organza pleated was tied and dyed in Lyon, France.

Dry clean. 
Do not wet. 
Do not iron the folds. 
Soft Ironing on other surfaces.

  • Skills and techniques : Pleating and dyeing
  • Number of baths : More than 2 baths
  • Pattern : Shibori
  • Material : silk organza
  • Length : 30 cm
  • Width : 30 cm
  • Weight : 12 grammes
  • Pleating : Partially
  • Dimension : Midi
  • Gender : Woman